Those who are still going on12

I am so proud, so proud of those who have completed our 3100-mile race. I am also proud of those who are still running. Bill Rodgers once said that he had tremendous admiration for people who take a very long time to complete the marathon — even seven or eight hours — because to stay on the ground for so many hours is so difficult. Those who stand first, second and third naturally deserve our tremendous, tremendous admiration, gratitude and pride. And also those who are still going on, going on, going on relentlessly, deserve our tremendous, tremendous, tremendous appreciation and admiration.

Even if there is only one divine soldier who continues to run, I will definitely go to the race in the morning and in the evening to give prasad, and some evenings I will play music.

11. 3 August 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York.