Our hearts can never be divided1

When East Germany and West Germany became one, under the kind guidance of my beloved President Gorbachev, it gave so much joy. One Germany, one Germany!

Division is always in the mind. The heart is always for oneness, oneness, oneness. We aspire to go to the Source, and our real Source is God. Does He believe in division? Never, never, never, never!

When I say "Yugoslavia" now, I get such joy when my children from all the countries that belonged to Yugoslavia are together, together, together. The Soviet Union was cut into pieces, but I have given it the name Oneness-Dream-Boat-Shore. When I say "Oneness-Dream-Boat-Shore," I get such joy. When I say "Yugoslavia," I get such joy. Other countries also give me joy when they are together.

We need oneness, oneness, oneness. Our hearts can never be divided. When I see you all as one soul, as one heart, as one life, it gives me boundless, boundless, boundless joy and pride.

  1. GLC 23. 27 August 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York