My predictions31

With regard to predictions, I have opened my mouth many, many times. Now silence is my prediction!

I went to the Berlin Wall many years ago. Facing the Berlin Wall with folded hands, I predicted that in twenty-five years East Berlin and West Berlin would again become one. God laughed! In three years, God made them one, and he made President Gorbachev the instrument. This is how God fulfilled my prayerful prediction. Instead of twenty-five years, it took only three years for East and West Berlin to become one.

At that time I made another prediction. I said that within five years somebody would break the world record for the marathon and run under two hours. Again God laughed! This time, instead of five years, how many years have passed? At least fifteen or twenty years have passed. God paid no attention to my prediction. Even now, God alone knows when it will happen.

Now I can make another prediction. This time I am declaring that within ten years it will be done. I am giving a long time! Somebody is bound to do it. In ten years, somebody is bound to run the marathon in under two hours.

One prediction came true so miraculously. Instead of twenty-five years, it took only three years. In my marathon prediction, I said five years, and at least fifteen years have passed.

Over the years I have made many, many predictions. Most of them, if not all, came true. I was God’s instrument. In many, many extremely serious cases with regard to the physical body, I predicted that individuals would be cured. In some cases doctors gave them one week to live; in some cases, three months or six months. I told the patients, “Do not worry — God will save you. You will not die.” Like that there are many, many cases of people who have been saved. They had cancer, or very huge growths inside their brain. Many cases are recorded and documented, while others remain unrecorded. You can take it as my prediction that they would be cured, or you can say that God was very kind to me. When I declared that they would be saved, God said, “All right, let him not be embarrassed.”

I believe right here there are some individuals like that. They had cancer, or some other very serious diseases.

Lotika’s mother was very sick. She saw my physical presence during her surgery. Afterwards I spoke to her on the phone. Then she cried and cried and cried. The family members asked her, “Why are you crying? Now you will be all right.”

She said, “I spoke to God, I spoke to God!” She spoke to God, and that is why she was crying.

31. 14 October 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York.