As soon as you see devotion1

We read books about spiritual Masters, and so many stories are true, absolutely true. If you read them, you have to believe them. You may not be able to go up to reach their spiritual height, but what they say outwardly, you have to take seriously. When God chose them at a particular time to be His representatives, His direct representatives, God definitely said many, many, many things that were absolutely divine and supreme.

Some seekers are disciples of one Master, let us say, and that Master has written many books. It may happen that somehow those particular seekers are sulking, they are depressed. At that time, alas, they may not read their own Master’s books, but they may read books written by other Masters, or books containing the utterances of other spiritual Masters of lofty heights. When they read those books, what happens? The disciples of the first Master start shedding tears. All their love and devotion for their own Master comes back. Then their aspiration is renewed, their dedication is renewed — as a matter of fact, it goes even higher. One can get that kind of help by reading the books of other genuine Masters.

Let us say that your path is not fulfilling your desires, so you become very sad and depressed. All of a sudden you snatch up a book written by another spiritual Master. As soon as you see the devotion of the disciples of that Master, all your own devotion and everything else that is good and divine in you comes to the fore. Then you no longer think of that book, you no longer think of that Master; you come back to your own Master with renewed aspiration, dedication and love. Everything divine in you is not only renewed — it increases.

Some may find it difficult to believe; but I am sure there will be people who have had this experience.

  1. GLC 38. 2 December 2005, Pangkor Island, Malaysia