If you throw your heart and soul into a project57

To those who work for manifestation, again I wish to say that if you have not succeeded, it is not your fault. It is not due to lack of inspiration, aspiration and dedication on your part. When you do not succeed, at times you feel that you are a complete failure. You are not a complete failure! God wanted to give you a special experience. If you know that you have worked very hard, sincerely and self-givingly, then the result can never be your failure and it can never be God’s failure. It is only an experience God has given you, and God Himself has experienced that failure. But there is no such thing as failure. There is only one message: more enthusiasm, more dynamism, more self-giving.

You may say that you have given your utmost, and yet your sleepless selfless service was not able to bring about success. But who is the Giver of your success? God. If He does not give you success, then there is some special reason. It has nothing to do with your aspiration and dedication.

At times you make yourself feel that a particular thing has to be done. That feeling is absolutely wrong. The most important thing is to abide by God’s Will. God has given you the capacity to throw yourself into a project. I have not told you that if you do not succeed, then I will lose faith in you, I will be displeased with you. This kind of wrong feeling please do not harbour. I know who serves me soulfully and self-givingly twenty-four hours a day.

God wants your sincere, most sincere efforts. He does not expect and He does not want anything else from you. You feel that your success will glorify you or glorify your Master, which is true. But from the spiritual point of view, when we have surrendered, you and I and all those who are doing manifestation work must realise that God will not be more pleased if we bring Him success. Never! God will remain pleased with you in the manifestation-world if you throw your heart and soul into a project.

Success depends upon Him; failure depends upon Him. If you cherish wrong feelings, frustration looms large and you feel that you are useless. No! People who work for manifestation are all useful, extremely useful. There are people who are doing manifestation work day in and day out. I am extremely, extremely proud of them. I see their sincerity, I see their readiness, I see their willingness, I see their eagerness. What more do I need? Those people who are working very, very hard towards the manifestation are extremely, extremely pleasing me, to say the least.

If you do not work on manifestation, please keep yourself happy on our Christmas Trip by singing my songs, mixing with your friends and enjoying the beauty of nature. If you can keep yourself happy, then I am extremely, extremely proud of you. Those who do not do manifestation work should have only joy and pride in their brother and sister-disciples who are all the time thinking of manifestation. Do not be jealous of those who are day in and day out sleeplessly doing manifestation work. And those who are working prayerfully, soulfully, day in and day out must not think ill of those who are not involved in outer manifestation.

Each individual has a way of keeping himself or herself happy without interfering in others’ activities. Anything that you do, please try to remember that you are doing it with a view to giving me joy.

57. 16 December 2005, Kuantan, Malaysia.