Soulfulness first and foremost60

Any time you sing my songs, please use your heart-feeling first, not your mind-brilliance. Some disciples are excellent singers, but they do not sing from the heart. They sing from their forehead or from some other part of their existence. That is a disheartening experience. If they do not sing from the heart, at that time they do not sing with confidence; it is overconfidence.

When people are overconfident, they feel that they know everything. Confidence is excellent, and so many of my disciples are super-super-excellent singers. But when overconfidence comes into the picture, it ruins each and every song. Again, some are full of hesitation when they sing.

No matter what you do, please keep soulfulness first and foremost in your heart. Soulfulness, soulfulness! Then you can show your power or brilliance or other divine qualities. Soulfulness has to be at the forefront. Among my disciples, whoever sings any song of mine must give importance to soulfulness first and foremost. I am a composer of soulfulness. Inside soulfulness, if some songs are supposed to have power, then kindly sing with power; but no song should be sung without soulfulness.

60. 28 December 2005, Kuantan, Malaysia.