Question: In your poetry, you often speak of the indifference of Heaven. How is Heaven indifferent?

Sri Chinmoy: If you go high up, then you will see. Spiritual Masters often say that the cosmic gods and goddesses try to prevent them from going beyond their domain. In the beginning parents teach their children to pray to God. They take them to churches and spiritual places. And then, when the same children want to follow the spiritual path strictly, the parents stand in their way. When the children grow up and take spirituality seriously, the parents feel jealous of the spiritual path. They are afraid that they will lose their children, or that their children are going to surpass them in their love for God. Either with a sense of jealousy or a sense of insufficiency, they feel that the children will transcend them. Here also, the cosmic gods and goddesses try to help spiritual seekers, but when they see that we are transcending them, they try to stop us. When we go into their realm, we will see that the power they have is not unlimited. So they are afraid that we will surpass them.