Question: There are many Gurus now who have come to the West. Are they coming to share the inspiration that they have received or is there a movement to exploit seekers in the West?

Sri Chinmoy: There are some sincere Gurus and some insincere Gurus. The sincere Gurus have been inwardly commanded and guided by God to come and serve Him in the West. But the insincere ones have come to the West to show off and make money so they can go back to India and lead a most comfortable life. So deception is there.

Insincere Masters say, "Give me thousands of dollars and I will give you realisation." You give them the money and they leave with it. Then where is your realisation? If God-realisation could be achieved by money, then all rich men would immediately realise God. Just for a bundle of dollars, you could get your realisation! But it is not like that. For God-realisation you must cry and cry and cry. Insincere Gurus exploit you and tell you that they will be able to give you God-realisation overnight. They say that they have made it very easy. But is it possible? It takes us twenty years to get our Master's degree, just for ordinary knowledge. And for God-realisation, which is infinitely more difficult, it takes far longer.