Question: Guru, is there anything special we can do on our own birthday to please you the most?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly! To please me the most, only feel how fortunate you are to be a disciple of Sri Chinmoy. I am not bragging! Then you have to feel that I have a “hotline.” I have the closest connection with the Absolute Lord Supreme. Since I have this connection with the Supreme, I will definitely feed your soul. Outwardly I may be unable to feed your mind, because I may not be observing your birthday outwardly. Outwardly you will not expect me to wish you a happy birthday. But kindly offer only gratitude, gratitude that you have come to our path. The more you can offer gratitude to the Supreme in me, the greater will be your spiritual fulfilment.

I am telling you and I am telling everybody, when your birthday starts, only offer gratitude, gratitude and gratitude to the Supreme in your Master. Gratitude is the answer! Then you will feel happier than the happiest on your birthday. Again, the Supreme in me will not remain indebted to you. The Supreme in me will also shower on you peace, love, blessings, sweetness and fondness.

This is what every disciple should do to please me the most on his or her birthday.