Comments from the inner world22

About a week ago, Ranjana’s Bhajan group performed. Sri Chaitanya is all for bhajans — devotion, devotion! He was observing and appreciating from the inner world and he was very pleased. He said how devoted my disciples are — not only the Bhajan singers, but all, all my disciples. He said that I am so lucky, so fortunate that I have such soulful, prayerful, devoted disciples. He was so proud!

Sometimes the Saviour Jesus Christ has a totally different view. I have seen him vividly. Sometimes when my disciples sing Christmas carols, he feels that they need more humility. But many, many times the Saviour Christ has appreciated my disciples so much. He needs only humility and simplicity. His whole creation is all humility and simplicity. He says that when my disciples sing soulfully, it gives him tremendous joy.

GMG 34. 26 December 2005, Kuantan, Malaysia