Question: Guru, people say that there are children being born all over the world right now who will help the progress of the world. They say that these "crystal children" are very, very meditative and spiritual. I thought I might have had one among my students. She was really special. I am wondering if you would like to say anything about these children.

Sri Chinmoy: If I see photographs, I will be able to say something about these children according to my realisation.

You yourself are like that! When you see me in the street, you literally jump with joy. You are like one of those special children!

People who are sincerely very happy are the true children. Divine children are those who are sincerely happy. For them there is no age limit. Whenever you see me, I never see or think of you as someone on the wrong side of fifty, although I am sure you are on the wrong side of fifty. When you jump up and down, at that time I see you as a baby, three years old.