Benjamin: Why did they hurt Jesus?1

Sri Chinmoy: They hurt Jesus because they were ignorant. You know that you are a very good boy, a very, very good boy. Now, let us say you are walking along the street and there is a bad dog. First the bad dog barks at you, and then all of a sudden the same dog comes and bites you. What will you do?

You are a very, very good boy, an excellent boy, but the dog is very bad. For no reason it comes and starts barking at you, and then it bites you. If the dog has all sorts of germs and poisons inside it, then you may die. In exactly the same way, those people who were responsible for Jesus Christ's crucifixion and death were all bad people. This is how it happened.

You are very good, Jesus Christ was very, very, very good, supremely good, but what can you do? There are bad people on earth. So those bad people were responsible for his crucifixion and for his departure from earth.

  1. GMQ 2. Questions asked on 10 July 2004