Matthew: How old is God?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, how old are you?

Matthew: Four.

Sri Chinmoy: So God is four years old. If Benjamin asks, "How old is God?", God will say that He is seven. If I ask God, "How old are You?", He will say that He is seventy-four, like me. Again, if your father asks, God will say whatever your father's age is. If your mother asks, He will say her age. For Chetana and Ranjana, God will say the same thing. Why? Because we are a portion of God. God created us. We are with Him and for Him. Since we are inside His Heart, we have become one with Him. God and you are one. So if you ask God how old He is, God will immediately say He is four because He has become you and you have become Him. Since Benjamin has become God, God is seven. Like that, God has become one with us, inseparably one. If He is like this with us [Sri Chinmoy presses his palms together], then if you are four, how can God become another age?

So God is four for you and seven for Benjamin, and for me He is seventy-four. That is called oneness, oneness, oneness: seven, four and seventy-four!

On the one hand, these questions are very, very cute, and on the other hand, they are most significant.