Spirituality: Is it only for the chosen few?13

Spirituality: is it only for the chosen few? The answer is at once in the affirmative and in the negative.

The blessed aspirants who cry for the Transcendental Truth, Peace and Bliss are undoubtedly the chosen few. Nevertheless all human beings, with no exception, can easily swim in the infinite sea of spirituality. Those who have lesser goals, those who want to be satisfied with an iota of Peace, Bliss and Truth unfortunately cannot dine with the chosen few in the inner world.

I am afraid the beginners and the budding seekers may, at this point, take me amiss. Truth to tell, I in no way intend to throw cold water on them. On the contrary, I want them to be cognisant of the fact that the highest Goal will never be denied them. It is they who have to cultivate the strongest necessity in the world of their aspiration in order to reach the ultimate Beyond.

What prevents them from reaching the Beyond? Their fear. What else? Their doubt. They must know that fear is the owner only of those who do not believe in God. But they do believe in God. They do have faith in God. Their love for God is unquestionable. Such being the case, they need not, they must not be afraid of God’s Transcendental Height.

Now, about their doubt. When they doubt God it is as if they are playing with a balloon. Their doubt-balloon is bound to burst before long. Their ignorance is bound to be exposed sooner or later. When they doubt themselves they underestimate their own divinity, overestimate their ignorance-reality, belittle their inner potentiality and aggrandise their temporary and fleeting insecurity.

I am sure that the budding seekers have true love for God, and I am sure that they have true love for themselves. Their love for God will eventually transform them into perfect Beauty Supreme, and their divine and fulfilling love for themselves as fully awakened and advanced members of the human family will be manifested on earth by God Himself. Their love is their inseparable oneness with God’s Light and with their own inner revealing Reality.

It is high time for me to speak a few words about the chosen few. Theirs is the task sublime to realise God’s Universal and Transcendental Consciousness. Theirs is the bounden duty to reveal and fulfil God on earth. And among the chosen few, he is by far the best who unconditionally realises God, reveals God and manifests God at God’s choice Hour, in God’s own Way.

The chosen few, when they look forward, find themselves already seated in the Dream-Boat of the Supreme. When they look upward, they find themselves already seated in the Life-Boat of the Supreme. When they look inward, they find themselves already seated in the Soul-Boat of the Supreme.

The Supreme blesses a budding seeker. The Supreme caresses a climbing seeker. The Supreme utilises a flowering seeker. The Supreme extols a realised seeker to the skies. The Supreme unreservedly offers Himself to the supremely realised seeker who unconditionally serves Him in the heart of humanity.

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