The Court of Divine Justice20

The court of human justice tells me that as I sow, so I reap. The Court of Divine Justice assures me that when I devotedly think of God, He smilingly and blessingfully appears before my heart’s eye.

The human justice wishes to offer me protection. The Divine Justice offers me protection, illumination and perfection. The human justice is fairness. The human justice is a threatening force. The human justice is a binding law. The Divine Justice is Love. The Divine Justice is self-giving. The Divine Justice is fulfilling.

The human judge is the problem-shooter. The human plaintiff is the problem-bringer. The defendant is the problem-maker and creator. The pleader is either the problem-lover or problem-nourisher; he cannot be otherwise, for that is how he remains on earth.

The Divine Judge is the Liberator. In the divine sense the plaintiff is the hungry seeker. The defendant is the devouring doubter in us, and the pleader is conscience. This pleader is the common friend, mutual friend of the plaintiff and the defendant. Under the threat of wild ignorance the pleader yields to the whims of doubt but inwardly in silence, it loves, cherishes and adores the heart of the seeker. In the physical and vital worlds conscience is helpless. In our inner world, conscience is constantly supported by the adamantine Will of the Lord Supreme. The Supreme Liberator liberates both the hungry seeker and the doubter.

Justice is impartiality. Impartiality is wisdom. Wisdom is the Divine Grace. The Divine Grace is the illumining Vision and fulfilling Manifestation of God.

A transformed and perfected human being is the duty of Divine Justice. A fulfilled and manifested God in man is the duty of Divine Justice. Duty performed on any level of consciousness is beauty blossomed forthwith. God’s Consciousness abides in the duty of His Divine Justice.

Here on earth we see that liberty and justice are two different things. They are like North Pole and South Pole. If one enjoys the joy of liberty, we feel that person has violated all the laws of justice. He is acting like a wild elephant. He is enjoying liberty, especially on the vital plane, and therefore he does not care for justice at all. But if one cares only for justice, then we feel that his life has no pleasure; there is no warmth, there is no feeling of enthusiasm in his life. This is all on the human level.

In the inner world, liberty and justice always go together. They are like the obverse and the reverse of the same coin. Only he who has inner liberty can hear the message of Divine Justice. Only he who has known what the Divine Justice is can be free and independent. There is no other way. Liberty and justice in the inner world are inseparable.

The Divine Justice is not a mere human idea. It is the divine ideal in each human being. When a nation is not awakened, when a nation is unaspiring, unillumined, it feels that might is right. This is human justice. But when a nation is illumined, all-loving and all-embracing, it feels that right is might. It feels that justice lies only in the divine right.

Now, what is this divine right? Divine right is the conscious feeling of universal oneness. God’s Justice can be seen and felt only when we have the feeling of universal oneness. If not, God will disappoint us and fail us at every moment. Our human mind will never be able to fathom God’s Justice. It will always be baffled by God’s Justice because of its limited knowledge and limited concern for humanity.

The Divine Justice is ready at every moment to be of help to us; to inspire us, guide us, mould us and shape us. But we are equally afraid of the Divine Justice and the human justice. When we do something wrong, we feel that we will be exposed. This is true in the case of human justice. But the Divine Justice will never, never expose us. The first time we do something wrong the Divine Justice will forgive us with its compassion. The second time we do something wrong it will offer us more compassion. The third time we do something wrong it will offer us infinite compassion. And then, when God sees that even His infinite Compassion is not solving the human problem, He will use His loving Divine Authority, Divine Power.

This Power is not the destructive power. This Power is not the threatening power. This Power is the Power that awakens the dormant lion in each human being. This Power does not dominate. It only arouses the spiritually hungry lion in each human being. The lion can roar, but the lion is fast asleep. This lion embodies our inner cry to see the ultimate Truth, to grow into the Absolute Reality.

Each individual seeker can claim, can feel God’s Justice if the seeker feels the necessity of loving humanity more than he expects humanity to love him. If he does not expect humanity to love him at all, yet he goes on loving humanity, then he is bound to feel God’s Justice in him, through him. Why? While he is offering his love to mankind, God will not remain silent. God will not remain asleep. God will immediately give him His boundless Peace, Joy, Light and Delight. God will empty His Infinite Consciousness into him.

What we have, we can give to mankind if we want to. But in God’s case, He gives to us not only what He has, but what He is. He feels that He is just only when He can give us what He has and what He is. We can also act like God and offer to mankind not only what we have, but what we are.

When we make an inner search, we come to learn that what we have is a dedicated heart; and if we ask what we are, we come to learn that we are the chosen instruments of God. We are the leaves and He is the Tree. Look at a tree from a distance or from any place. If you look at a leaf, a branch or the trunk, you can immediately recognise it is a tree. When we look at an individual leaf, we can immediately enter into its source, the tree, and feel that this individual leaf is the tree itself. When we look at the tree, we see that its manifestations are the leaves. The manifestation itself can be as important as the Creator Himself.

The Divine Justice is the breath of Reality. In the human court we see all kinds of crime; but in the Court of Divine Justice we notice only one crime every day, and that is human ungratefulness. Here the punishment is forgiveness. Constantly the game is being played between God’s Forgiveness and man’s ungratefulness. In the human way, human beings are justifying their cause by saying, “We are unconscious. Hence we commit crimes. We are not yet illumined. Hence we are ungrateful.” In the divine way, God is justifying His cause: He is Love. Hence He is all-Loving. He is Compassion. Hence He is all-Forgiving.

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