God's brightest Heaven and man's surest haven7

Of all the divine qualities, unfortunately Light is wanted the least, even though it is needed most by all. People want Love, Peace, Joy and Power, but very rarely they want Light. Unconsciously or consciously, they are afraid of Light. They feel that the effulgence of Light will uproot the ignorance-tree that they embody. They feel that the Divine Light will expose their imperfections, limitations and bondage. This is not true.

The Divine Light embraces the world in all its ignorance. Further, the Divine Light feels that it is its bounden duty to elevate the human consciousness into the plenitude of the Life Divine.

If the animal in us, if the human in us, really want a Divine Life on earth, then we have to cry, cry like a child for God’s Compassion-Light, which is at once God’s brightest Heaven and man’s surest Haven.

GNS 8. Peace Room, United Nations Church Center, 9 June 1970.

Sri Chinmoy, The Garland of Nation-Souls, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1972