Is God really partial?4

"Master, you are compassion incarnate. May I ask you something about God's Compassion that has been bothering me for a long time?"

"Please ask me, my daughter."

"You have always said that God is impartial, but it seems to me that God shows more Compassion to those who have entered into the spiritual life than to those who have not. Don't unaspiring people need more Compassion and Consolation from Him, since they are even more helplessly caught by ignorance than spiritual seekers?"

"My daughter, you are correct in saying that God favours spiritual seekers. But you are wrong when you think that those in the ordinary life need more Compassion. They do not need or want God's Compassion."

"Master, what do you mean?"

"When one begins to aspire, at that time all his bad qualities are being gradually transformed and illumined and all his good qualities are being brought to the fore. So even if there is just a little aspiration, Compassion works. But if there is no aspiration, if there is no seed planted in the ground, then when God's Compassion rains down, it is all wasted. Also, if there is no aspiration, the word 'compassion' is not even in the person's dictionary. Those who are still living in the world of aggression do not need anybody's compassion. So why should God give them His Compassion? For them the law of Karma is operating; for them God uses the Light of His Justice."

"But Master, aren't unaspiring people sincere in their own way?"

"My daughter, some people have very good intentions, but that does not lessen their ignorance-life. I may tell a lie and repeat it ten times forcefully with the idea that I am telling the truth. But this kind of sincerity does not help us at all."

"But Master, are we really any better than those still in the ordinary life? Even now I can think of hundreds of things I did wrong just yesterday."

"Before we entered the spiritual life, we led semi-animal lives; but we were not conscious of the fact. Now that we have entered fully into the spiritual life, we see that we are really half-animal. Inwardly we strangle many people, although outwardly we may smile at them and shake their hands. We fight, we are jealous; every day we do countless undivine things. But at least we are fully aware of the things that we do wrong."

"What about the mistakes we still make, Master?"

"Spiritual people know they are making mistakes, but every time they take the side of Light. If you have good intentions and on the way you stumble, God sees that your intentions are good. You still need more strength, inner strength, but you will get this one day. Although you are helpless, hopeless and useless, you have an inner urge to please God in His own way. The very fact that you have entered into the spiritual life pleases God."

"So this is why God shows us extra Concern?"

"Yes, my daughter. He is always compassionate. Even His Justice-Power used with unaspiring people is Compassion, because it perfects them and makes them want to give up their undivine ways. But for seekers who want to please Him devotedly, soulfully, unreservedly and unconditionally, He has more Compassion. If you are trying to do the right thing and I am not, who will deserve more Compassion? God's Compassion-magnet will be able to pull you more. If I am not as sincere as you, then I cannot expect to receive the same amount of Compassion-food from God. So although the seeker is bound to make mistakes, in his case God's cosmic Law will give way to God's Compassion-Smile.

"Master, if we know that God showers extra Blessings and Concern on us, how can we prevent ourselves from feeling superior to others or judging them?"

"Let me explain it to you, my child. If somebody is not aspiring, it must not affect you. Again, if somebody is aspiring much more than you can, why do you have to be involved? If you see someone who is not aspiring and you become full of pride, then you are ruined."

"How can we stop pride from entering us, Master?"

"If you walk along the street and see that somebody is not leading a spiritual life, you should remain detached. It is one thing to see something and another thing to feel that you are superior. Why do you have to make a judgement?"

"So, Master, how should I feel when I am with my friends who are not aspiring?"

"If you mix with these friends, don't feel superior or inferior. Try to act in your own way. Your friend wants to eat a food which satisfies him, and you want to eat a particular food which satisfies you. He wants to eat the food of idleness and you want to eat the food of aspiration and dedication. If you say that your food is more nourishing than his, then you are judging him. Just feel that you are approaching your reality in a different way."

"Can I be absolutely sure, Master, that I am not judging my friends?"

"My child, you have to know what you feel within. If you feel superior within, that is judgement. Any feeling of superiority or inferiority is judgement. So if you don't have any feeling of superiority, then there is no judgement. Feel that your friend has every right to lead his own life. You are going to be responsible for your own life and you are not going to be responsible for his. Eventually you will stop mixing with your old friends and remain with spiritual people whenever you have an opportunity. Have you understood my philosophy, my daughter?"

"Yes, I have understood you, Master. You have illumined my mind and heart with your compassion. You always answer your spiritual children's inner and outer questions. But the main thing we learn, Master, is that our spiritual father is all compassion and all concern for us. You are always compassion incarnate."

GRP 4. 3 November 1973.