Sincerity determines the goal

"Master, are my goals always stationary?"

"What do you mean, my daughter?"

"Master, sometimes I feel that my goals are coming closer to me and sometimes I feel that they are receding. But do they ever really move at all?"

"My spiritual daughter, each goal is constantly crying to come to us if we are sincere, if we are devoted, if we are very spiritual. There are three significant goals. The first goal is God-realisation which for you is still a far cry. Next comes God-revelation. This second goal is right now beyond your imagination. The third goal is God-manifestation, which is further yet.

"A disciple aspiring for God-realisation is like a child crawling to her mother. If the mother sees that the child is trying with utmost sincerity to crawl to her, then she herself runs to the child. Similarly, God comes to the intensely aspiring seeker. God-revelation, which is the second goal, is also like that. God is watching you all the time. Once you have reached the first goal and you are sincerely crying to reach the second, He is standing at the second destination and will come towards you. Finally He is standing by the third goal, which is God-manifestation, and again at the proper time will come."

"Then why do I sometimes feel that my Goal is receding, Master?"

"My daughter, it depends entirely on your sincerity. If you are totally sincere, then He who is going to grant you realisation, revelation and manifestation will come closer to you. But if you are not sincere, then the Goal will constantly recede. Realisation-goal, Revelation-goal, Manifestation-goal: all three Goals will constantly go far, farther, farthest away from you if you are lacking in sincerity.

"My daughter, there is another reason why you feel at times that your Goal is receding."

"What is that, Master? I am eager to know."

"My child, each time you find fault with someone, please feel that you have to go one step more in order to reach your goal. Let us say that your goal is one hundred metres ahead of you. The very moment you are displeased with someone, angry with someone, jealous of someone, your destination does not remain one hundred metres away; it becomes one hundred and one metres away. Each time you cherish undivine thoughts about someone, the distance to your destination is only increasing; your goal is receding. So now you can see who is the loser in this situation. Only a fool will want to delay his progress. You don't want to be a fool."

"Master, of course I will not deliberately try to do anything wrong. But the Goal is so far. Does that one extra step really make a difference?"

"Dearest daughter, you are trying to reach your destination as soon as possible because you have studied our philosophy and you know that even realisation is not the ultimate Goal. Let us say that you wish to get your PhD, but right now you have not even gone to college. First you have to get your bachelor's degree, then you have to get your master's degree and finally you will get your PhD Your goal is very distant. So what are you doing right now? You are studying with all your eagerness in order to get your first degree. But if you don't study in school, what will happen? Similarly, in your life of aspiration, if you study jealousy, insecurity, anger and aggression, which are absolutely the wrong things to study, what will happen? Each time you do something wrong, please feel that you have to go one step farther in order to complete your task. With greatest difficulty you are studying. You don't want to delay your ultimate achievement even for a second."

"Master, right now these Goals are sheer impossibility for me. Why do I even cry for them at all?"

"Why do you want these Goals? Because you need satisfaction, that is why. There is no other reason. You want to satisfy yourself in a divine way, in God's own Way. If you want to be satisfied, then you have to do something in order to achieve your satisfaction. When you climb up a mango tree, pick a mango and eat it. At that time the mango tastes much sweeter than if somebody had brought it to you with no effort on your part. If you do not contribute any personal effort, then you may just throw the mango aside. He who has brought it to you may say that it is most delicious, but just because you have not contributed your effort, the mango will not taste as delicious to you.

"When you offer your personal effort, you get God's Grace. If you want to climb up the tree, then somebody helps you to climb and that somebody is the Supreme within you. But if you don't want to climb the tree and if the Supreme climbs up on your behalf and brings you the mango, then I tell you, you will not get satisfaction. So your personal effort and God's Grace must go together; then only will you be divinely, supremely satisfied."

"Master, you have thrown abundant light on my questions. But please tell me how I can stop doing these wrong things."

"My daughter, you are at my ashram, you are in my boat, you are part and parcel of my mission. Today you are representing God's Dream here on earth; tomorrow you will represent God's Reality. If you remember this sublime truth, then your frustration-disease, your depression-disease, your anger-disease, your insecurity-disease, your jealousy-disease, your failure-disease — all these diseases are bound to disappear in the twinkling of an eye. You know what your ultimate destination is. Once you reach the Goal, once you become the Goal, you will see that that is what you have always been."

The Master blessed his dear disciple. "All right, my child, you have heard my sermon. It is my concern that is speaking, it is my compassion that is speaking, it is my gratitude that is speaking. Always see my Wisdom-Light in that way."

Sri Chinmoy, A Galaxy of Saints, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1974