Question: Why does God allow so much antagonism between different spiritual Masters?

Sri Chinmoy: Between spiritual Masters God allows everything. Just because God allows this to happen it still exists on earth. Some people are even worse than us; they quarrel and fight more than we do. So you see, if God allows you to do something and He also allows somebody else to do the same thing, you cannot blame the other person. It is only a matter of degrees. You may doubt God once in six months, the other fellow may doubt God every second, if you say that you have never doubted God in this incarnation, then I will answer that you have made a mistake. Let us say that you have done something out of jealousy. You may not direct your jealousy to other Masters, but you may direct your jealousy to your brother or sister disciples. You are using the same weapon, jeaousy, only you are aiming at a particular person and he is aiming back at you. So I will ask, "Why does God allow others as well as myself to remain imperfect?" The day that I can say that I am perfect, I will say to God, "You have made a mistake. You have made me perfect and still all those other people are imperfect." Why does God allow this? The answer is that the power of His Compassion is infinitely more powerful than His Justice. This is the only answer.