Question: Does God get angry?

Sri Chinmoy: No, God does not get angry. Our way of anger and God's way of anger are totally different. God's anger is His divine dispensation. When He sees that His love does not work, then He uses His force. The mother shows love and affection to her child, but when the child does not listen, the mother becomes very angry. Her impulse is to harm the child, to punish it.

There is a great difference between human anger and God's divine dispensation of His Justice. In God's case it is not at all that kind of human anger. His anger is a kind of divine justice; we can say it is a secret pretense when He shows anger. At times He feels that He has to use divine force so that His children can be perfected.

The seeker makes a mistake when he gets angry. If we see anger in the personal aspect of God, that is necessary. He wants to have perfection, and if He can show it in very powerful, destructive anger, if by that He can change you, then He will use it. He wants perfection from you. If Love cannot transform you, then naturally He will use His Force, His Power. If we feel His Power in the physical, we can take it as anger. But if we are in the soul, we will see that it is not anger. He is only energising us, bringing forward our determination by using His divine, adamantine Will.