Part VII — West Coast Centres: Questions on God

Question: Does God have as much trouble meditating as I do?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly, God has as much trouble meditating as you do. Perhaps He has more trouble. Why? Because He has concern for His creation, for His child. He feels that it is His fault that He has not been able to create a better creation. God is a perfect gentleman. Unlike us, He admits whenever He does something wrong. One of His most glaring mistakes, He secretly tells me, is this: He asks me why He has chosen me to be your teacher, I who am so incapable in manifesting Him! God is experiencing difficulty in you during your meditation and He is having difficulty in trying to manifest Himself in and through me. In that case, you are not the only culprit; I too belong to your boat. Then at this point let us be clever. The boat needs a boatman. Who is the boatman if not God Himself?