Right now the world may not seem to appreciate spiritual music, but if we continue to create, one day people will appreciate music from a spiritual point of view. We must create another world of music, because music can do much for the Supreme. It is a way to reach humanity through spirituality.

A musician’s biography is written wherever he performs. Everybody hears what he is playing. But for spiritual people it is not like that. Spiritual people may be suspected because their whole biography is written inside, and not all will be able to see it.

Spiritual Masters can only approach humanity if people come to them with real aspiration; whereas, musicians have the means to approach humanity with their art. When this artistic capacity is joined with spiritual capacity, the musician can break through the walls other musicians have created. With guidance from a spiritual Master, a musician’s spiritual capacity becomes most powerful. When a musician leads a spiritual life, it is very easy for him to help thousands of people at a time because they appreciate his music and the kind of life the musician leads.

The vital of the world has been to the fore for quite a few years. Eventually, the music of the soul will replace the music of the vital. Once the world reaches a particular point, we can tell the world that we have something else for them. The shopkeeper gives something to the customer and the customer appreciates it. Then the customer begins to have faith in that particular shopkeeper. The shopkeeper says, “You have appreciated my mango, but now I have something else for you; I have a guava also. This will also satisfy you and nourish you.” Because the customer has faith in the shopkeeper, he will taste the new fruit and be satisfied. The time has come for spiritual people to say, “We can give you something else. Try it.”

Inwardly the world wants to make progress. Outwardly the world wants something new: that which is eternal is outwardly new. On the vital plane and in the physical world, the eternal is new, but in the inner plane it is not. There is nothing new in the soul’s world. If we see a thing twice in the physical world, we may think it is different each time. If we see our own wristwatch in the morning and again in the evening, and if we are in a different consciousness each time, we will feel it is a totally different watch. But in the inner world, even though we see twenty things at a time, it all remains the same.

We all know outer music; outer music is very often destructive. But inner music is always bound to be soul-stirring and soul-elevating. For God-realisation, inner music is of paramount importance. If outer music is devotional music, if it is something that uplifts the musician’s consciousness and spreads pure, unalloyed joy, that music also plays a considerable role.

Inner music can be heard and created while we are meditating. Thousands and millions of times at the age of thirteen or fourteen I used to hear the cosmic gods and goddesses playing music. We have to hear inner music through aspiration. What is inner music? We have learned from the Vedas that this music is the mother tongue of humanity. Music is the language of the soul. It is through music that the Divine in us gets the opportunity to manifest itself here on earth. Only spiritual aspirants who have musical capacity can eventually show the world at large that inner music can also be played outwardly and appreciated by the world.

Music is my Eternity’s Kite, Infinity’s Flight and Immortality’s Light.

Sri Chinmoy, God the Supreme Musician, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1970