Question: Do our souls sing when we sing most soulfully?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, it is either a portion of the soul or the soul proper that sings when we sing most soulfully. One may think it is the voice of the soul, but it is not. The music of the soul is different from the voice of the soul, the language of the soul. The soul can adopt any voice it wants to. The voice of the soul, the language of the soul is light, not electric light, but the light that constantly illumines our inner and outer being, the entire world. We can hear singing that comes directly from the soul or from a portion of the soul, but the soul does not require the voice to sing. The soul can sing directly without the voice.

How can we hear the soul singing? How can we be aware of the fact that the song is coming directly from the soul? We can know if it is coming from the soul just by observing our own consciousness. Sometimes we may catch a haunting tune, a very delicate, subtle tune, but it is immediately followed by earthly, undivine thoughts, as if it were being chased by a dog. If undivine thoughts, lower vital thoughts immediately enter, then the song is not coming directly from the soul. If it is coming directly from the soul, then not an iota of undivine thought can enter during the whole song. We will have our highest consciousness and deepest consciousness, right from the beginning to the end of the song. Very often when we sing most soulfully, even after the song is over we will hear a voice within ourselves as if somebody else were singing the same song. We may be talking to our friends or looking around, but we will be aware that somebody is singing; that somebody is our soul.

Sri Chinmoy, God the Supreme Musician, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1970