God has created this universe; the universe has come out of God. God will always hold the world with His inner Music. But His inner Music, His transcendental Music, is unfortunately not the music that we hear today. Jazz and rock and roll are not His Music; they are a degraded form of proper music.

God is the Supreme Musician. The music that God originally created is the music of the soul. He played for the soul and the soul wanted to play for Him. This music came from the soul and wanted to express and fulfil itself through the heart. Here is where the problem arose. When the soul started to play its music in the heart, the lower vital did not allow the heart to listen. Gradually, the vital became more powerful than the pure heart.

The music of the vital destroys our subtle nerves and like a hungry tiger wants to devour the heart’s divine qualities. Here in this world when we think of music, the vital immediately comes to the fore. But the lower vital music will not always reign supreme on earth. The world also has a soul. Today the vital is nourished and the soul is starving, but when there are more aspiring people on earth than unaspiring, naturally the inner soul-elevating music will replace the music of the impure, unlit and obscure vital.

The music of moksha, liberation, tells the seeker that Sky-Peace is all.

The music of siddhi, realisation, tells the seeker that Sun-Bliss is all.

Sri Chinmoy, God the Supreme Musician, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1974