Part I: Discourse

The giver and the receiver

My Lord Supreme, You accept front me my hungry desires as though these things are tremendously valuable.

My Lord Supreme, You accept from me my teeming worries and anxieties as though these things are extremely beautiful.

My Lord Supreme, You accept from me my poisonous doubts as though these things are remarkably meaningful.

My Lord Supreme, You accept from me my untiring insecurity and my unending impurity as though these things are going to adorn Your Heart.

My Lord Supreme, You accept from me my ocean-vast ingratitude as though it is something that is going to richly satisfy You.

My Lord Supreme, when You give me Your Peace, Your Love, Your Joy, Your Compassion and Your divine Blessings in boundless measure, I get joy, true. But Your Joy, while giving, far surpasses my joy in spite of the fact that I am the receiver and You are the giver.

My Lord Supreme, when I give You my undivine qualities unreservedly, You get much more joy and satisfaction in receiving than I get in giving.

My Lord Supreme, You are always great. You are always good. Will there ever be a time when I shall be able to defeat You in anything?

"My child, you have already defeated Me."

I have defeated You? Impossible, my Lord, impossible! How can I ever defeat You? Tell me, how?

"My child, I need you infinitely more than you need Me. My need for you far surpasses your need for Me. Does this not prove that you have defeated Me badly?

"Now let Me explain to you this secret and sacred philosophy of Mine. You do not know who you are, but I know who you are. You think that you are ignorance incarnate, but I see you as an experience of Mine. I see you as My own evolving Life. I see you as My own dream-manifesting Reality.

"It is not you; it is I. It is not yours; it is Mine. It is I who am always in the process of unveiling and becoming, and becoming and unveiling. Thus it is I who sing in and through you My Eternity's Song: Oneness. It is I who dance in and through you My Infinity's Dance: Perfection. It is I who cry and smile, and smile and cry, in and through you My Immortality's Silence-Sound: Satisfaction."

[Note: Sri Chinmoy gave the talk, The Giver And The Receiver, at Saint Paul's Chapel, Columbia University, 27 February 1980.]

Sri Chinmoy, The giver and the receiver.First published by Agni Press in 1987.

This is the 721st book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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