Question: Guru, I wish to share with you an experience I had a few weeks ago. I was taking a bath in the river near my house when a voice seemed to call out my name. As I searched for the direction of the sound, a Christ-like figure was sort of delineated in my mind. My heart welcomed the vision by saying, "Brother Jesus, I do not need you; your brother Chinmoy is my Master." At this time, the figure in my mind turned into a black bird of prey and flew out of my mind, sounding off its belching screams.

Sri Chinmoy: This was a hostile attack. Since the vision turned into a black bird, that is the proof. What was present in you was not the Christ but a hostile force that took the form of the Christ. Your aspiration protected you and made you say that you had another Master. When you told him that there was no need for his help, since Chinmoy was your Master, my brother Jesus, the real Christ, would have blessed you and smiled at you on the strength of his oneness with me.

This can also be seen in another light, as a test. Even though I never test my disciples, it could be seen as a test of sincerity, strength and faith in your own Master. In your particular case, it was not a test, but your faith and sincerity came to the fore in rejecting the assistance of one particular Master because you had one already. I repeat: the real Christ, on the strength of his inseparable oneness with me, would have blessed you for your sincerity and faith in me.

Experience is a remover of doubt. Sri Ramakrishna on his deathbed had to reassure Vivekananda and purify his doubting mind. He said, "He who is Rama, he who is Krishna. in one form is Ramakrishna." Vivekananda cried bitterly, but his doubt vanished. This was a test. I do not test. I try to inspire and bring forward the soul in silence. In your case, the soul was to the fore and was able to deal with this particular experience.