Part IV

HDW 11. This question was answered by Sri Chinmoy on 14 January 2004 at the Hotel Padma Bali.

Question: Could you speak about your prayer that says, "Even after God-manifestation, God comes with a new Dream"?6

Sri Chinmoy: This new Dream is for everybody. In my case, I had to realise God, then manifest God. Then God gave me another Dream. For you, at this point God-realisation and God-manifestation are still just two words. You are saying these big words, but first you have to actually realise God and then manifest God. Then God will come to you and tell you what the next Dream is for you.

I still remember when Nolini-da wrote about me, "A child of the Mother is always a child, even unto the last achievement and fulfilment." The last achievement is God-realisation and fulfilment is God-manifestation. He was saying that after God-manifestation, still you have to remain the Mother's child. Nothing ends. God's Cosmic Game, His Lila, never ends. If we feel, "Oh, my game is over," again a new dream comes and challenges us. It is a new dream, God's Dream for us.

These things are not for the mind of humanity. The Supreme has told me and I know many, many things He cannot disclose to humanity. It does not serve any purpose at this stage. It would only be like wishful thinking, the fulfilment of wishful thinking.

No rest After God-realisation. No rest Even after God-manifestation — God comes with a new Dream. Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation- Aspiration-Prayers, Part 28,