Question: Guru, when I am back at home working, I try to imagine you as often as possible in person, but sometimes because there is so much happening, it is difficult. But often when I concentrate on my heart, I feel that it is full of light and full of joy and I was wondering if that is enough?

Sri Chinmoy: That is quite enough! Only if it is difficult to concentrate, breathe in a few times. Take very, very deep breaths and remember, remember me smiling. Remember my smiling pictures and remember how many times I smiled at people, smiled at you. If that is difficult, immediately look at the Transcendental photograph. The Transcendental everybody always carries. It is either in their wallet or on a chain. The Transcendental will do everything. You may not see the Transcendental smiling, but if you look at the Transcendental and remember one of the pictures where I am smiling, the Transcendental will be able to show you my smiling face. The Transcendental is my highest, but if you need a smile and if you concentrate on my smiling aspect, I assure you, my Transcendental will be able to show you my smiling aspect. In spite of maintaining my highest height, it will be able to show you my smiling face.

The Transcendental has everything and it is everything. If I have given something to the world that the world will forever and forever cherish, then that is my Transcendental picture. Believe it or do not believe it! You will go to Heaven God knows how many times and how many times you will come back from Heaven God knows. But if you keep an inner connection with me, then you will see that millions of miracles the Transcendental will do. Not thousands, but millions and billions of miracles the Transcendental picture will do for mankind.

This is not just a picture; it is my Transcendental consciousness. When you look at that picture, you are definitely concentrating on my Transcendental consciousness — not just on a picture or a piece of paper.