Question: There are roots in the spiritual life that go down deep, deep, deep and I feel they are building our solid life as a spiritual seeker. How can we become more solid and work on our roots in the spiritual life?

Sri Chinmoy: On the spiritual path, every morning we know we have covered hundreds of miles or thousands of miles or millions of miles or billions of miles or even trillions of miles. Some people have covered many, many miles over the years. They have had many, many incarnations. Again, some people, let us say, have covered only ten miles, twenty miles, thirty miles or forty miles in the spiritual life.

No matter how many miles we have already covered on the strength of our prayer and meditation, we have to forget about the distance we have covered over the years. Every morning we have to make a new attempt, a fresh attempt, to fly a little higher, to dive a little deeper, to go forward a little farther. These three things we have to do. Whatever height we have reached, every day we have to make a fresh attempt, absolutely new.

Every day a flower is blossoming. Early in the morning when we look at the flower, we get so much joy. In the late afternoon or evening we see it has become wilted. The next day again a new flower is blossoming. While you are the most beautiful and fresh flower early in the morning, at that time when you pray or meditate, develop adamantine will-power so that there will be absolutely no outer world of good and bad — only you and your inner existence, you and God. There is no third person with good news or bad news or sad news — no! There is only you, right in front of your own Highest, your own Highest. You can imagine your own Highest, or if it is difficult, then my Transcendental photograph you can take as your Highest.

If I have given one thing to this world to treasure when I go to the other world, that is my Transcendental. Again, quite a few years ago I went beyond it. I always say that the Supreme Himself is making progress, which is unbelievable to the mind.