Question: How to increase sincerity, purity and humility?

Sri Chinmoy: You have three problems? People are dying with only one problem and you have three problems!

Your question is how to increase sincerity, purity and humility. Let us begin with sincerity. Think of a child who is two or three years old. This child has not started telling lies. When his mind becomes developed, then he will start telling lies. Think of a little child and imagine you have become that child. By nature, a good child cannot tell lies. No matter what he does, he tells the truth. So if you want more sincerity, think of a child.

Next comes humility. If you want to increase your humility, think of a tree. A tree becomes so big, but it starts with humility, with a tiny seed. A tiny seed has to be humble because it is so tiny. Then gradually, gradually it becomes a huge banyan tree. Humility is like that. You have to feel that your origin is next to nothing. If you think of your origin, then you become humble.

I come of an Indian village. If I think of an Indian village, a tinier than the tiniest village, automatically humility comes. Now I have become well known! Thousands of disciples have joined our path. But if I think of my origin, my little family village called Shakpura, then humility comes sooner than at once. Always remember your humble origin. And the more we become successful, the more we have to become humble.

Look at a tree. When it does not give flowers and fruits, it stands straight and tall. But when it bears fruits and flowers, it bends. From the tree we learn that the higher and the greater we become, the more humble we have to be. Like the tree, we have to bend down. When we do something good, instead of feeling pride, we have to think of our origin. From a seed, we become a banyan tree. From a drop, gradually, gradually we can become the ocean. A little Shakpura village boy now is known practically all over the world. If I think of my origin, then I get tremendous joy. From that little seed, I have grown up into a big banyan tree.

Then comes purity. To increase your purity, you can place your hand, right or left, on your head and repeat "purity." Very fast repeat "purity, purity, purity, purity, purity, purity." Then you will feel that your whole being, your entire body, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, is only purity, purity, purity. Start with touching your head, your mind, because in the mind is impurity. Usually I say to chant slowly and soulfully, but at certain times you have to do it very fast. If you are angry, for example, as fast as possible you have to pray to God, "peace, peace, peace, peace." You can do it with a marching spirit: "left, right, left, right, left, right." Or you can run in place while chanting, if anger or impurity comes.