Question: The other day you told a story about how in the inner world a soul came to you and you said, "Oh, I have not seen you for such a long time!" I always thought that the souls who are close to you are always in your world or your universe and they see you all the time.

Sri Chinmoy: I was speaking in an affectionate way. Sometimes, if your daughter does not come to see me every day, if she misses two or three functions, then I say, "For years I have not seen you!" If I see her seat is empty, then when she appears, I say that. In that kind of affectionate way I speak with those who are in my circle.

In the inner world, some souls have a free access to come and see me. But if I do not see them for a week or two weeks, or for a month or so, then I exaggerate the fact by saying that I have not seen them for ages, the way I exaggerate on the physical plane. It is an affectionate way of speaking. It has nothing to do with reality, with the actual facts.