Question: I was just wondering if you could tell us something about your spiritual vision.

Sri Chinmoy: With my physical vision I cannot see who is sitting at the back of the room. That far I cannot see. Physical vision is so limited. But inside the physical vision is the inner vision. When you have inner vision, at that time you can see very far. Clearly you can see the farthest distance and also you can see events that happened in the past.

In my case, my soul sees in and through me. My soul shows me certain things. It is like a telescope. The other day I was fooled! The subtle body of one disciple from Scotland took his physical form. He came and meditated right in front of me. His subtle body I could see so vividly and he did absolutely the best meditation. Alas, when I was asking for him afterwards, I discovered, to my great surprise, that he was not physically here; he was at home in Scotland.