Question: So many times in classical music the soundless sound is mentioned. You have also written about it. How does what you say relate to what is said in books about classical music?

Sri Chinmoy: I cannot say. I can only tell you my personal experience of the soundless sound. Sound is sound and silence is silence; that we all know. But soundless sound the mind cannot understand. If it is sound, then how can it be silence? And if it is silence, how can it be sound? It seems to be contradictory, on the face of it. We can only understand sound and silence when we separate them. But the soundless sound refers to something infinite — infinite in Power, infinite in Light and infinite in Delight. These things the mind cannot imagine, let alone describe. There are millions and billions of things the mind will not be able to believe, will not be able to comprehend. This happens to be one of them. In my case, when I say 'soundless sound', that soundless sound refers to infinite Peace, infinite Light and infinite Bliss.