Question: I read in an article about a Japanese scientist who did an experiment on water crystals. He observed the crystals from different environments in the world and he discovered that when water is in a very spiritual environment, the crystals are very beautiful. But when the water comes from a very polluted environment, the crystals change forms to become very ugly. He put 'love' on a glass of water overnight and 'hate' on another glass of water overnight. In the morning, he observed that the crystals with the word 'love' had become very beautiful and those with the word 'hate' had become very ugly. Is there any spiritual significance to this experiment?

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely it happens in the crystals! I have heard it, but I have never practised it. How to interpret the experience? The person who is dealing with the experiment is the right person to do that. I will not be the right person to give an adequate answer because I have never tried it. But it is true, absolutely true, that these things happen.