Question: It is said that Sri Ramakrishna on a special occasion became the kalpataru , the wish-fulfilling tree, for his disciples. I would like to ask you if you could say something about this state of consciousness when a spiritual Master becomes the kalpataru for his disciples and I would like to ask you if you also have become the kalpataru for your disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: No, no, I do not become the kalpataru. The kalpataru is from an Indian mythological story. Some people are so devoted to their Master that they say, "Whatever we wish, Master fulfils it." Their devotion runs riot.

There are millions of desires of the disciples that spiritual Masters cannot fulfil or do not want to fulfil. A real spiritual Master will do only the things that are needed for the progress of the disciples. He will not fulfil all their desires. Otherwise, he will be doing a great disservice to the disciples. He will only be adding to their desire-hunger. If the spiritual Master is wise, he will give the disciples only those things from which they will derive benefit. Otherwise, if kalpatarus fulfil everything, then they will only delay the progress of humanity.

We cannot fulfil somebody else's desires, but God can do so. Why does He not fulfil their desires? Because God is very wise. He knows that by fulfilling one desire he is encouraging the seeker to have a larger desire. Perhaps the seeker desired one car and God granted it. Then the seeker's wish was for two cars and God granted it. Then it became ten cars. The seeker cannot manage even one car, so God knows that if he gets ten cars, it will not help him at all. At that time, God says, "Be satisfied with only the one car."