Question: I have seen you in different forms, but it is you and I recognise you. When I was in India recently for one month, every evening I climbed a small hill covered with trees. It was all wilderness. Every day I wanted to go there because the very first day, I saw you coming from there, far away. After that, every day whenever it was not raining, if I walked, I saw you many, many times. Was that hallucination, or was I really seeing you?

Sri Chinmoy: It is absolutely true! Quite a few times, in the inner world, I went to Bangalore to see you. And it happened that three or four times, I was about to call your husband to ask how you were. Then my inner being reminded me that I have a direct connection with you, so why do I have to ask him how his wife is doing? Since I have the direct line, why to ask him? It was absolutely a true experience that you had.

Like that, whom God wants to show, He can show. Once, at the Ashram, somebody was crying to see Swami Vivekananda and I immediately showed him to that person. Her husband was sitting beside me, in between his wife and me, but the husband did not see Swami Vivekananda. I invoked Swami Vivekananda and then I touched the husband's knee and he touched his wife's knee. His wife immediately saw Swami Vivekananda and she started crying with joy. Afterwards the husband said, "You were touching me. How is it that I did not see him?"

I said, "This experience was not meant for you. She cried for Swami Vivekananda. He is her Guru. Your Guru is Sri Aurobindo."

The husband became the connecting link. If the current was there — I was touching someone, he was touching someone else and that person was able to see — then how is it that the person whom I was touching was not seeing anything? This experience was not meant for him. The spiritual current was between me and the wife, through him; it was not between me and him. He was simply the intermediary.