Question: A lot of times we know in our minds that you love us more than anyone else does. But many times I feel that someone understands me more than you do. What is the problem?

Sri Chinmoy: You say that I love you more than anybody else does, but there is somebody else who understands you more than I do. I wish to say that understanding is in the mind. It is on a much lower plane, whereas love is on a much higher plane. Divine Love is on the high, higher, highest plane. Understanding is in the mind, so it is very limited.

Let us say you are suffering for some reason, so you approach someone who is on your level. As the sufferer, you are clearing your mind. The one who sympathises with you is giving you some advice. According to his limited knowledge, he is helping you. This moment you are taking his advice as true. The next moment you will say, "This silly fellow, what does he know? Has he understood me properly?"

My way is in the heart, from the heart to the heart. That is on a much higher level. Divine Love is something infinitely higher and deeper than human understanding. But when it comes to understanding, when one person is suffering, somebody who is on the same level can sometimes be of better help than somebody who is on a much higher level.