Scene 2

(The next day. The King and Queen are speaking to their daughter.)

QUEEN: My child, you will be really happy and you will make us really happy if you marry a saintly, simple, religious person. You can see your elder sister’s fate, how miserable she is with her military husband. Although he holds a high post, there is no joy, no peace in their life together. If you live with a simple, innocent, aspiring person, then your life will be all joy.

PRINCESS: Mother, you are right, absolutely right. I really want to have a person like that as my partner, someone who is simple, religious and spiritual.

(Enter Prime Minister.)

KING: Prime Minister, I wish you to go and mingle with the saints and sincere seekers who are praying to God on the banks of the Ganges. I wish you to see if any of them would like to marry my daughter. Then you select a husband for her.

QUEEN: It is beneath our dignity, it is beneath our daughter’s dignity, to ask if anybody would like to marry her. Is there anybody on earth who wouldn’t marry our daughter? She is so charming, so beautiful, so loving. Is there anybody who would dare to say that he would not marry my daughter?

KING: Dearest wife, I am not sure. These religious people do not care for earthly beauty, name and fame. But if we find one, I will be so proud and happy.

PRIME MINISTER: Your Majesty, let me try at least. Let me see what I can do for our Princess. I am sure I will be successful.

PRINCESS: I feel shy. I do not wish to come with you.

PRIME MINISTER: It is not necessary at all, since this is the first time. Let me go alone and see what actually happens. You come next time.