Scene 2

(Vashishtha is meditating, deep in trance. Enter Saraswati.)

VASHISHTHA: Can I be of any service to you?

SARASWATI: Yes, O Sage of the highest magnitude. Please come with me. Come, I shall take you to the other side of the river in a special boat, my boat. Vishwamitra needs your presence.

VASHISHTHA: Vishwamitra? What for?

SARASWATI: I do not know. But if I cannot take you to him, I am sure he will destroy me. You have more compassion than any human being on earth; your compassion is boundless. I know you will come with me. If I come to you with Vishwamitra’s message, I know this message of mine will not irritate you. You will not kill me with your occult power. You have the capacity to destroy but you are all forgiveness, you are all compassion. But if I don’t bring you, Vishwamitra will certainly destroy me.

VASHISHTHA: Saraswati, do not worry. I will come with you.