Scene 4

(Vashishtha’s side of the river. Enter Saraswati and Vashishtha.)

VASHISHTHA: What a divine Lila — you take me and you bring me back.

SARASWATI: If I hadn’t taken you, he would have killed me. So I took you, and then he wanted to kill you. But I don’t want him to kill you. It is better for me to be killed. You have done no harm to him. You are all forgiveness, you are all compassion. Since I won’t be able to fulfil his desire, since I won’t be able to bring…

VASHISHTHA: Why not? You can take me. You did take me.

SARASWATI: Yes, you went, and you are ready to go again. You are most kind to me. But I don’t want you to be killed by him. You are a Brahmin. He is a Kshatriya. For a Kshatriya to kill a Brahmin is very bad. I will not allow it. No, I shall not. If he invokes me, I shall go to him and say that I am ready to be killed by him.

(Vashishtha blesses Saraswati. Exit Saraswati.)