Scene 1

(A spiritual teacher with his three disciples.)

MASTER: Can you tell me, my children, what is the largest thing on earth?

FIRST DISCIPLE: Oh, earth itself is the largest thing, Master.

SECOND DISCIPLE: No, the sky is the largest.

THIRD DISCIPLE: No, no, the nether world is the largest.

MASTER (to the first disciple): You are right; earth is the largest thing. (To the second disciple.) You are right; the sky is the largest thing. (To the third disciple.) You are right; the nether world is the largest thing. Now, do you know the story of Lord Vishnu?

DISCIPLES: We don’t know. Please tell us.

MASTER: With one foot, Lord Vishnu covered the earth, the sky and the nether world. But the heart of a holy man is so big that it can contain both of Vishnu’s feet. If you want to have a heart as vast as the heart of a holy man, then you have to be totally pure.

FIRST DISCIPLE: Master, how can we make ourselves pure? I feel that my body and my vital are very impure.

MASTER: If you feel that your body and vital are impure, then do this. Take a shower at least twice a day to keep your body outwardly clean and pure. And to keep your vital pure, do not compete with anybody. No rivalry, no competition: feel that you will reach your Goal at God’s choice Hour. If you have that feeling, God will take you to Himself. You pray and meditate. Make your best effort, but feel that I will take you to your destination according to the Will of the Supreme, at His choice Hour. Then you will have purity in the vital.

SECOND DISCIPLE: Master, I know my mind is very impure. What can I do?

MASTER: In your case, you have to unlearn most of the things that your mind has taught you.

SECOND DISCIPLE: Master, I do not know what the things are that my mind has taught me. Please tell me.

MASTER: Your mind has taught you how to doubt, how to suspect, how to criticise. Learn to stop doubting, stop suspecting and stop criticising others. Then your mind will become pure.

THIRD DISCIPLE: Master, my heart is impure. How can I make my heart pure?

MASTER: From now on, every day try to be always ready to open your heart’s door for me. I knock at your heart’s door early every morning. Do not block the door with your desires, for then I cannot come in and pierce the veil of darkness within you. Open your heart’s door and allow me to enter into you. There I shall play with someone who is inside your heart, a most beautiful child, your soul. Watch how we play with immense joy and inner love for each other. When you watch us playing, your heart is bound to become pure. A day will come when we shall gladly invite you to take part in our game, to be one of us. Then you will feel that your heart is of us, your heart is for us: that your heart is made of aspiration, and your life is made for our manifestation.