Scene 6

(A group of pilgrims come to the river Saraswati which is all red.)

FIRST PILGRIM: This Saraswati was once upon a time such a beautiful river. It had such clear, pure water.

SECOND PILGRIM: Everybody drank, everybody swam here. It gave everybody such joy, such fun, such comfort, such delight.

THIRD PILGRIM: Now the river Saraswati has become an object of fear and disgust. Let us pray for its restoration.

(They sit down and pray to Lord Shiva. Shiva descends.)

SHIVA: I have heard your prayer. I am making Saraswati once again clear and pure for you to use, for everybody to use. Long ago, Vishwamitra did not have the knowledge of Brahman. Because he didn’t have the knowledge of Brahman, Vashishtha and Vashishtha’s divine cow defeated him. Now he has got the knowledge of Brahman from Brahma. Now he has equalled Vashishtha. But nature’s transformation is a different matter. God-realisation is one thing. Vishwamitra didn’t have it before. Now he has it. But for God-manifestation, one needs the transformation of human nature. Vishwamitra lacks this transformation of nature. Vashishtha has it. Unless and until Vishwamitra has changed his nature, he will not be able to manifest God on earth. Vashishtha is all love, all compassion for mankind. He has transformed his nature and is manifesting God on earth. Vashishtha still remains unparalleled, infinitely superior to Vishwamitra.

Sri Chinmoy, The heart of a holy man.First published by Agni Press in 1973.

This is the 25th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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