Scene 1

(The saint and the king are together.)

KING: O Guru of my heart and soul, please tell me how I can please you most.

SAINT: You can please me most, my son, by allowing me to sit at the foot of a mango tree in your garden. There is a particular mango tree where I wish to sit every day and meditate without interruption for hours and hours. I do not want to be in your palace. It is so full of noise, so full of clamour. I feel I will be infinitely happier alone. To tell the truth, I will only be really happy if I am left alone to meditate under that particular mango tree. And every day you may come and see me, once in the morning, and once in the evening.

(The king touches his Guru’s feet.)

KING: Yes, O Guru, I shall do it. Every day I shall come in the morning and in the evening to have your darshan. And I shall send food for you three times a day. Please call me whenever you want to. I am always at your command, O Guru.