Scene 5

(The home of Gautama. Trita’s brothers are happy and prosperous.)

(Enter Trita.)

TRITA: You two rogues! You unnatural brothers! You didn’t care to save me from the well.

EKATA: We didn’t know where you had gone. We looked for you.

DWITA: We thought that you had been killed by the bear.

EKATA: I shouted so loudly. I shouted myself hoarse for you. I didn’t hear any reply. I wept and cried because I thought that you had been killed.

DWITA: I searched for you everywhere, but I did not see you anywhere. I searched and searched but you were nowhere to be found. Finally I came to the conclusion that you had been killed.

EKATA: I also thought that you had been killed. That’s why I cried and wept so bitterly. We didn’t hear you calling us.

TRITA: You rogues! You people were talking loudly, both of you. You said how happy both of you were that you would be able to keep all of Father’s property and all the gifts and cows that we got from his disciples. You wanted to share only between yourselves. I heard you saying it. You didn’t hear me? You liars! I heard you talking in normal voices, while I was shouting and screaming from the well. You didn’t hear me? Oh no, certainly not!

EKATA: Believe me. I didn’t hear you.

DWITA: Believe me, I didn’t hear you either.

TRITA: All right, both of you did not hear me. But I have come out of the well anyway. A god came because he was pleased with me. Now, I have meditated, and I have occult powers. With my occult vision I see clearly that you heard me.

EKATA AND DWITA (together): We don’t deny that you have occult powers, but we didn’t hear you.

TRITA: More lies? Still? Now listen. If you really did not hear me crying for help, you will remain on earth as you are now. Both of you will enjoy Father’s property, and I will have my own life: a life of spirituality, a life of renunciation. I shall have my own followers, and I shall live without you. But if you did hear, then at this moment I curse you. Both of you will turn into bears.

(Immediately both brothers turn into bears and run away into the forest. Trita walks away from the wealth left behind by his two brothers. He wants to lead a life of renunciation.)