Scene 1

(Jamadagni and Renuka are outside their house.)

JAMADAGNI: Renuka, my dear, I am extremely eager to do something.

RENUKA: My Lord, what is it? Tell me.

JAMADAGNI: I need your help, Renuka, in this matter.

RENUKA: Lord, to please you, to fulfil you, I came into the world.

JAMADAGNI: I am so proud of you, Renuka. I want to practise archery. In my childhood and adolescence I was fond of it, and now, in my ripe old age I am growing fond of it again. Even though I am a spiritual man, a sage, and many people worship me, I am still fond of this game. I want to practise my aim at archery. I will shoot at a particular target, and you will bring the arrows back to me.

RENUKA: Nothing will give me greater joy than to do this for you.

JAMADAGNI: But I would like to spend the whole day practising. It is not a matter of a few minutes or a few hours.

RENUKA: If you want to practise all day, I have no objection. On the contrary, I will get immense joy from watching and helping you.