Scene 3

(Ayodadhommya comes near the paddy-field. It is dark. He cannot see anything. He shouts aloud.)

AYODADHOMMYA: Aruni, Aruni, where are you?

ARUNI: Father, I am here.

AYODADHOMMYA: Where are you? I can’t see you. What are you doing there? Come here, I can’t see you.

ARUNI: Father, please tell me which command of yours I should follow: the morning command or the evening command?

AYODADHOMMYA: What do you mean?

ARUNI: In the morning you commanded me, Father, to come and fix the levee, so that the water would not run out of the paddy-field. I tried my best in every way, but I failed. Then, as a last resort, I lay down on the levee, and thus I prevented water from flowing out of the paddy-field. I have been lying here most of the day. If I get up from this place according to your second command, then the water will flow out again.

AYODADHOMMYA: Aruni, listen to my second command. Come here. (Aruni leaves the bank and comes. He stands in front of his Master. His whole body is soaked and covered with mud. He is shivering all over.)

AYODADHOMMYA (blessing him): Aruni, you have pleased me beyond your imagination. You have pleased me beyond my expectation. I write down this deed of yours in my heart, with my joy, with my love, with my gratitude. Also, I write down in gold letters on the tablet of your heart, my joy, my pride, my gratitude. Aruni, today I give you a new name, a name which will do justice to your sacrifice for me, your love for me, your devotion to me, your service to me. Your name will be Uddalak. (Chants.) Aum. Uddalak. U-D-D-A-L-A-K. Today you were a human dike, protecting my field with your body. Tomorrow you will be Uddalak, the divine dike, protecting humanity with your unparalleled devotion and sacrifice.