Question: How is it that sound in the form of music can so immediately awaken and inspire our hearts?

Sri Chinmoy: Sound in the form of music immediately awakens and inspires our hearts because music embodies the Absolute Lord Supreme. The Lord Supreme also is cherishing His most treasured Wealth, which is music. His Music is universal Harmony, universal Peace, universal Love.

Music is the universal Body of the Supreme. If music is taken away from God, then God's Body is taken. Now if the body is gone, the soul is useless. Similarly, the body without the soul is of no help. The body we need for manifestation and the soul we need for realisation. It is like the instrument and the musician. Without the instrument how can anything be played? The musician will remain alone as an individual, unmanifested. And if there is no musician, who will play on the instrument? Both are supremely necessary.