Question: How can the soul speak with an audible voice in the language that it spoke during life in another country?

Sri Chinmoy: The soul can adopt any language in order to express itself. The soul has the quintessence of God's capacity. God is omniscient; He knows everything. So each individual soul also has some limited capacity to know all the languages. The father teaches the child all that he knows, but the child learns according to his capacity. Father starts teaching the child the alphabet: A, B, C; and the child learns. Then after a few years the father teaches him a higher course. So the human in us, the body in us will not be able to speak in all the languages; only the soul can. But again, the soul does not actually use the language that we use. The soul uses the soul's language, which is Light. It is through Light that the soul expresses itself. When the soul's light expresses itself to the physical in us, the physical mind gets the message in a way it can understand. It is not actually words that the soul is using. The soul is offering and scattering its light and the physical is receiving it in the way that it convinces itself. The physical mind wants to become convinced in order to say something or feel something within. Unless the mind is convinced it is not satisfied. So when we hear the soul talking in human language, it is actually the mind that is receiving the soul's light in a way convincing to itself.