Question: How can the voice of someone who has passed to another plane be made audible for everyone to hear?

Sri Chinmoy: The actual human voice of someone who has passed to another plane is not what you hear. The soul is only bringing to the fore a voice so that your physical mind can be convinced. The soul can identify itself with the voice of someone who lived on earth two hundred, three hundred or four hundred years ago. It is very easy for the soul. The soul can do it in the twinkling of an eye. But the soul has to adopt a specific voice, so that the physical mind of the person who hears it will understand it and believe it. Nevertheless, this is done by the soul, not by the imaginative mind of the person who is receiving the message. The soul wants to convey the message, so it first identifies with the voice of that person when he was on the physical plane and then brings down the voice in order to be convincing.

But suppose you want to hear the voice of the Christ or of someone else with whom you had no earthly contact. Perhaps you have never seen your grandfather and you are hearing his voice. Now, you have never seen him and you have never heard his voice. But your soul or his soul can easily contact the physical plane of your grandfather and bring down accurately his voice to convince you. If it is a divine person you want to hear, then naturally your soul will go and bring the most accurate voice from the physical incarnation of the person and offer you the message so that your physical mind is convinced. Of course, the human physical mind is blind and ignorant and can easily be fooled by other forces. But the divine Force is not going to fool anybody; the real spiritual Master is not going to fool anybody, although a fake Master will. And the soul, which is our divine part, can never deceive us. It is like a real mother. A mother will not deceive her child. If the mother is drinking milk, the mother will give real milk to the child and not something false. So the soul's light will offer the real message to the person who wants to hear the voice.