My salutation to the soul of Australia1

My aspiring heart is saluting you.
My illumining soul is loving you.
In you, I see a perfect combination of the
mind’s height and the heart’s depth.
In you, I see a perfect combination of the
body’s service and the vital’s dynamism.
Your soul is at once the embodiment
of the ancient sun and the revelation
of tomorrow’s dawn.
Your body-consciousness is the expansion
of vastness.
Your heart-delight is the perfection
of illumination.
Slowly and steadily your body walks.
Dynamically and confidently your vital marches.
Pointedly and unerringly your mind runs.
Devotedly and unconditionally your heart dives.
Eternally and supremely your soul flies.
Your life’s greatness-dream is humanity’s
transcendental pride.
Your life’s goodness-reality is humanity’s
universal treasure.

— Sri Chinmoy

2 From audio transcript 1974. The first edition published 1976, did not include line 9 “Dynamically and confidently your vital marches.” Also, in the first edition, line 6 and 7 read 'body's consciousness' and heart's delight'

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